2017 Summer Middle and High School Marching Band Power Camp

Texas Southern University

Ocean Of Soul Marching Band

2017 Middle & High School

Summer Band Power Camp

Sunday, June 18 to Saturday, June 24, 2017


Middle and High School Instrumentalist, Auxiliaries, and Drum Majors.

Thank you for your interest in wanting to participate in the Ocean of Soul Marching Band Power Camp. This Camp is open to (grade 6 through 12) students. Our camp will provide an excellent opportunity for campers to improve their musical skills on their chosen instrument, practice marching and dance techniques, perform with musicians and auxiliaries from other schools, get hands on experience from highly respected band directors, and participate in daily recreational activities. All camp activities will take place on our campus. The last day of camp will end with an award ceremony and performances by all participating campers.

Our camp will be staff by band directors, alumni musicians, dance choreographer and current and former band students. Staff members will supervise on-campus housing and daily rehearsals and activities. Enrollment fee for campers who wish to reside on campus is $325.00; Commuter campers enrollment fee is $175.00.

Please pre-register online by completing the on-line application. In-depth details regarding the summer camp will be send to the email address indicated on line. If you have any questions or need clarification regarding the camp please contact Mrs. Linda coach-Riley at 713.313.7458 or email Coach_lf@tsu.edu.

Musically Yours

Clarence Gibson

Interim Band Director